Västerbotten Investment Agency

One of the richest and most underexplored mining regions can be found in Västerbotten

Aitik mine

Västerbotten is the center of an extensive and rapidly growing mining region. Locating here brings access to Sweden’s most important mineral deposits, as well as the mining and oil industries in Norway, Finnish Lapland and the Murmansk/Kola Peninsula region.

Europe’s largest mining region…

Sweden is by far the largest producer of iron ore and also number one for lead in the EU, the second largest silver, gold and zinc producer, and the third largest copper producer. Some of the most important ore deposits and interesting geological regions are found in the Skellefteå district in Västerbotten. Ever since the 1920’s, the mining and smelting company Boliden has been the major force behind the development of the mining industry in the mineral rich Skellefteå field. Today, Boliden is the third largest copper supplier and the third largest zinc supplier in Europe. The processing plant Rönnskär is one of the most efficient copper and zinc smelters in the world. Rönnskär is also a specialist in the recovery of base and precious metals from electronic scrap.

…and yet one of the most underexplored

Our mining industry is growing rapidly. New mines open almost annually, and a significant number of new exploration permits have been granted. Yet, it is estimated that only 20% of the mineral assets in North Sweden have been exploited. Potential for new findings is still very good and there is a continuous establishment of new operators. Some of the current exploration and mining companies are New Boliden, Elgin Mining, Canada, Dragon Mining, Australia, Blackstone Ventures, Canada and Lapland Goldminers, Sweden.

Thanks to the dominating role mining has played in our trade and industry for centuries, mining infrastructure is well developed, with highly advanced mining and metallurgy R&D. Sophisticated technology with a high level of automatisation makes our mines among the most efficient and profitable in the world.

Competence concentration – and the world’s largest drill core archive

The region is home to several competence centers and two universities with world-class research institutions. 90% of Sweden’s academic and vocational units related to mining, metallurgy and geology are located within a radius of 130 kilometers. Both the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden are located in the region. SGU assists mineral explorers with exploration-related information and data. The world’s largest collection of drill core, more than 3 500 000 m from all over Sweden, is available for research – free of charge!

There are also a number of specialized companies linked to the mining industry, such as world-class manufacturers of mining equipment and machinery, mining software developers and drilling services companies. With an ever-growing industry there is a high demand for technical consultants and environmental expertise.

As one of Europe’s largest concentrations of mining and mine related industries, we aim to expand even further. The prospects for a profitable business establishment in Västerbotten have never looked better!

5 reasons to invest in Mining in Västerbotten:

  • One of the most mineralized and yet underexplored mining regions in the world
  • Free access to the world’s largest drill core archive and related services
  • Europe’s dominating ore producer
  • Easy access to the Norwegian, Finnish and Russian mining districts
  • Local access to national and international mining institutions