Västerbotten Investment Agency

Contact person for Renewable Energy

Main contact for this sector:

Anders Wangby- Västerbotten Investment Agency

Anders Wangby

Phone +46 910 71 26 81
Mobile +46 70 595 19 30


Anders is the head of VIA and has previously worked as a Business Coordinator at Skellefteå municipality and as an Investment Promotor for the province of Jämtland. He has 17 years experience as a Business Consultant in marketing, exports promotion and product development at Centek and Almi, and has worked within the EU SME programs Innovation Relay Centres and Euroinfo Centres.

Anders has also been Export Consultant at the Swedish Trade Council and Product Manager at Kraft General Foods. He holds a MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

International Representatives:

Kerstin Nicholson - Västerbotten Investment Agency

Kerstin Nicholson

North American Representative
Phone +1 312 664 50 86
Mobile +1 312 969 50 86


Kerstin is responsible for VIA in North America. She has lived and worked there for more than 30 years, mostly as Business Promotor for the Swedish Trade Council in the US, where the health care sector was her specialty. The last few years she has been engaged in investment promotion, first for the province of Jämtland and then for Skellefteå municipality.

Kerstin´s educational background is also from the Stockholm School of Economics. Except for the Life Sciences, she also works for VIA in Mining,  Renewable Energy and Wood.