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Windpower in Sweden

When it comes to renewable energy, such as wind energy, solar power and biofuels, Västerbotten is right at the forefront. Sweden’s biggest cluster of solar related companies is located in the north and the region is a breeding ground in the development of the next generation of solar concentrators, as well as research on solar power and heat in harsh conditions.

The heavily forested Västerbotten region is well known for its competence within forestry, wood technology and biofuels. Raw materials from the sawmills and forests are being used in unique processes in some of the world’s most efficient CHP plants. With extensive investment, cutting-edge research and a wide range of biofuel and bioenergy related businesses, the region is generating an ever-growing need of developers, service companies, consultants and environmental experts.

Västerbotten is also recognised as the best area by far for the rapid expansion of wind power that is likely to occur in Sweden and throughout Europe. With excellent geographical conditions, a low population density, a leading research centre for cold climate engineering and many years experience from hydro-power production, the opportunities are practically unlimited.

Five reasons to invest in Renewable Energy in Västerbotten:

  • Excellent wind regimes give Västerbotten the best potential for wind power in Sweden
  • World class competence and technologies within bio mass
  • Leading development of new solar technologies
  • Renewable energy research major focus at our two Universities
  • Excellent test bed for difficult climatic conditions within wind and solar energy