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An important industry for Sweden

Growth, export income and employment that stays in Sweden: that’s a good summary of the tourism industry. And its significance compared to other industries is growing every year.

  • Nearly 173 000 employed (full-time equivalent)
  • 284,4 billion Swedish Crowns in turnover
  • 105,7 billion Swedish Crowns in export value
  • 3 percent of Sweden’s GDP
  • 14,4 billion Crowns in VAT revenue from foreign consumption in Sweden

While comparing the employment rate for tourism to the other traditional industries it is apparent that tourism grows rapidly in Sweden and employs far more people. The consumption related to tourism increased with 63% for domestic tourism since 2000, and the export value of, i.e. the consumption of foreign guests, increased with 160% during the same period.

(Source: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Figures refer to 2013.)

Please follow the link to read a presentation about Tourism in northern Sweden:

Invest in Tourism in North Sweden (PDF)