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Invest in tourism in North Sweden

With four full seasons– each of them as beautiful as they are different – the potential for tourism business to grow in Västerbotten, North Sweden, is practically unlimited.

Travel and tourism  is expected to double in Sweden by 2020 according to the Swedish National Strategy for Tourism – which indicates a bright future for the travel industry.  The northern parts of Sweden already attract visitors from all over the world and the growing interest has led to an increased need for high-quality accommodation and activities.

The world is discovering the northern parts of Sweden– do you want to be here to greet it?

Tourism turnover expected to double until 2020 

In 2013, Sweden was ranked the 9th best country for tourism, according to the World Economic Forum 2013. The north of Sweden is of great interest to the global market and tourism is expected to grow by 100 percent by 2020, from SEK 252 billion to SEK 500 billion, according to Sweden’s National Strategy for Tourism.

The exotic north attracts visitors thanks to a unique blend of experiences and surroundings, beautiful and untouched nature, the northern lights and much more. Västerbotten, a central part of Northern Sweden, is experiencing rapidly growing international interest, and the opportunities to meet the demand are manifold. With investments in ski resort destinations, hotel and accommodation, real estate development, activity companies and medical tourism; anyone from large capital investors to small scale private companies can discover new markets and grow in Västerbotten.

Västerbotten has four distinct seasons, each one with its own exceptional features widening the potential of the region and providing an extra advantage. But the potential of Västerbotten also resides in the people who live and work here. With a service minded attitude, pleasant manners and good language skills, they make the difference.

Not all about nature

But Västerbotten isn’t all about nature. The cities offer shopping, excellent restaurants and various cultural activities. A unique cultural feature of northern Sweden is one of the few remaining indigenous people in Europe, the Sami. Their strong heritage influences the culture of the entire region of Västerbotten. Moreover, in 2014 Umeå is the European Capital of Culture – an honour that further reveals the viability of the region.

5 reasons to invest in Tourism in North Sweden:

  • The demand for high quality accommodation, activities and new experiences.
  • An attractive destination with increasing numbers of visitors, with Västerbotten being one of the fastest growing tourist regions in the country.
  • Excellent opportunities for ski resort development
  • A service-minded culture characterized by courtesy.
  • A stable economy in a secure country.